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predictable conservative laser treatment of periodontal disease

18th October2018 09:00 AM - 02:00 PM
Credit Hours 8 HALL mamouniah

dr. stewart rosenberg

laser dentistry

prof. rami maher ghali

prosthodontics - laser dentistry


We have been successfully treating periodontal disease with lasers for more than 25 years, utilizing a variety of different wavelengths , and with varying degrees of success. With the advent of the patented radial firing perio tip utilized with an Er,Cr :YSGG LASER our success rate in treating periodontitis without traditional flap surgery and bone grafts has risen to over 90% of the sites treated!  Our goal in treating periodontal disease is to remove diseased sulcular epithelium, kill of the bacteria / biofilm, remove remaining calculus, remove the smear layer, endotoxins and etch the root surface for reattachment, desensitize the root surfaces, deepithelialize to prevent epithelial creep that would prevent reattachment and biostimulate for faster healing. Our results have been remarkable. In this workshop we will explore the research supporting our results, a step by step protocol for treatment and allow participants toperform  the protocol on sheep jaws.

Intended Learning Objectives

  • To understand basic LASER structure and physics.
  • To know LASER tissue interaction.
  • To know Different types of dental LASERs.
  • To diagnose and treat different periodontal diseases.
  • To treat periodontal diseases with LASER.
  • To explore the challenging procedures done with Er,Cr :YSGG LASER in treating periodontal diseases.