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digital occlusion in clinical practice

20th October2018 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Credit Hours 12 HALL faculty premesis

prof. tarek salah morsi

fixed prosthodontics


Occlusion has always been one of the most controversial and puzzling issues in dentistry, yet one of the most important. Unfortunately, Little time is usually spent in dental schools to teach occlusal concepts leaving a huge void in our knowledge of this critical area. During daily practice , clinicians are faced with  a diversity of cases that could only be managed by following evidence based occlusion principles.

 Occlusion is not merely a standalone island; it is interrelated to all dentistry branches in a versatile approach including prosthodontics, orthodontics, implantology and of course esthetics. Moreover, digital dentistry is the upcoming future and digital occlusion is an integral part of such revolution.

 Attendees will receive a comprehensive education on occlusion principles, articulators, face bow records, virtual occlusion, electronic registration, integration between CAD CAM & digital occlusion and TMJ issues. They will gain confidence and remove the confusion and fear surrounding occlusion in their practice, allowing them to treat patients more predictably and with less anxiety from a single second molar crown, to full arch restorations, or even patients with symptoms of facial pain.

Learning Objectives

Participants Will Learn:

  • How to add depth in observation and understanding to your clinical examination of joints, muscles and teeth.
  • How to relate the maxillary arch to the patient’s hinge axis by gathering a facebow whenever you need to mount diagnostic or working casts.
  • How to take bite records with confidence and efficiency.
  • To be proficient in the use of anterior deprogrammers.
  • To mount casts with confidence in their accuracy, mimicking what your patient presents with.
  • To complete trial equilibration on diagnostic casts as a planning tool.
  • How to take equilibration techniques to the mouth.
  • How to differentiate records for analysis and diagnostics from those for restorative procedures for simple posterior restorations to full arches, to full mouths, simply and predictably.
  • How to perform all this with variable digital workflows using the latest digital dentistry tools.

Course Agenda

Live demo & Hands on :

  • Face bow installation & records using Arcus Digma followed by mounting using Protar Kavo articulator.
  • All candidates will have an opportunity to share face bow installation & records on patient under supervision.