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uses of calcium hydroxide –iodoform paste in primary teeth, benefits and controversies

18th October2018 01:40 PM - 02:00 PM
HALL abdeen


Despite customary utilization of calcium-hydroxide-iodoform-paste in treatment of necrotic primary teeth few studies reported its use in vital pulpotomy. The Vital pulp therapy is advocated when decayed primary molars possess vital pulp or reversible pulpitis is encountered. Thereby, the tooth -that would otherwise get extracted- is retained and the active disease is eliminated.Pulpotomy is the most frequent treatment of carious primary molars. This treatment modality involves removal of coronal pulp tissue and retaining pulp in root canals assuming that left over radicular pulp is quite intact.

Formocresol has been a 'benchmark medicament' for pulpotomy to which various agents were compared to. However, due to concerns regarding its possible carcinogenic and other deleterious effects, alternative agents has been subjected to research.

On the other hand, literature had provided suggestions for mixing calcium hydroxide with other substances in order to enhance some properties as antibacterial action, radiopacity and consistency.

Calcium hydroxide iodoform paste is a premixed paste which contains mainly iodoform presenting 40.4%, in addition to 30.3% Ca (OH)2, 22.4% silicon oil and 6.9% inert materials.Though this paste was successfully utilized in treating non-vital primary teeth,to the best of our knowledge studies on its use in vital primary teeth are still scarce.