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shall we stop using formocresol???

18th October2018 01:10 PM - 01:40 PM
HALL abdeen


Pulpotomy is frequently used as atreatment for carious exposed pulps primary molars.Formocresol(FC.) is the most common medicament used. It has been serviced in one visit in pulpotomy since 1930. Even,great concerns have been raised about formocresolsafety. In 2004, International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) reclassified formaldehyde (a main component of FC.) as a carcinogen. Further, it causes chronic inflammation of the radicular pulp tissuesof pulpotomized teeth. In addition to that unfortunately a lot of non-specialized dentist may use formocresol as a hemostatic agent rather than its proper use as a fixative agent.

Nowadays, several alternatives are applicable provide comparable success rate to formocresol. Ferric sulphate is one of the most widely used alternatives; it preserves the radicular pulp tissues safely. Understanding to the pulp tissue and the revolution of the regenerative and biologic materials implements a various medicaments for regenerative pulpotomy. These promising medicaments include calcium silicate based materials (mineral trioxide aggregate- MTA-,biodentin), bone morphogenic proteins……. MTA is energetically evaluated and resulted in a higher success rate than formocresolpulpotomy both on short and long terms.

Moreover, lots of natural materials are considered as antibacterial and anti-inflammatory pulpotomy agents. Among the evaluated natural agents which contribute in literature with comparable results to Formocresol are propolis, thymus vulgaris extracts and Allium sativum oil.Finally non Formocresol pulpotomy is promising medicament option that put away all the Formocresol drawbacks and gets benefits of the new safe biological materials.