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probiotics a new era in dentistry

18th October2018 11:15 AM - 11:45 AM
HALL abdeen


Current dental therapy is primarily focused on removing dental plaque which is made of large numbers of commensal bacteria together with a limited number of oral pathogens.  “Remove all or kill all” approach creates open, non-competitive surfaces for pathogens to repopulate the oral cavity. With our new understanding of the oral microbial community interactions, a new approach that selectively inhibit oral pathogens or modulate the microbial composition of dental plaque were proposed. Probiotic is a new approach for modulating microbial communities through interaction with oral microbiome,thus contributing to healthy microbial equilibrium.Indeed, some new strategies to prevent oral diseases are based on manipulating oral microbiota, which is provided by probiotics.In addition, the use of probiotics for endodontic disinfection might present an innovative approach for a natural safe endodontic irrigation.In this review, we point out to the potential mechanisms of probiotic bacteria in the oral cavity and summarize its observed effects with respect to oral health, as well as the possibilities of developing designer probiotics for the next generation of oral healthcare.