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access to function: why detach while we are already attached?

18th October2018 09:30 AM - 10:00 AM
HALL abdeen


Serving the goal of restoring the non-vital teeth falls on the shoulders clinicians every day. Although most endodontists judge their success by the radiographic evidence of radicular seal, yet accomplishing an adequate restorative treatment afterwards should be our main target. The restoration of endodontically treated teeth involves a variety of treatment options and still represents a challenging task for clinicians. Restoration of root filled teeth can be challenging due to structural differences between vital and non-vital root filled teeth.

Irreversible chemico-physical and bio-mechanical changes as a result of endodontic treatment, increase the risk to dental fracture and narrow the restoration options for the clinician. The objectives of a restoration following root canal treatment are: to restore form, function and aesthetics, to prevent bacterial micro-leakage into the root canal system,to ensure periodontal health, to protect the residual tooth structure against fracture, to prevent fracture and wear of the restoration and the abrasion of the antagonistic teeth.

Nowadays, the era of subspecialties is gradually dividing the target into individual esteem, although putting endodontically treated teeth back into function is a series of synchronized handovers that should be bought into play.

The attachment is already there between all branches of restorative dentistry, it’s just a matter of harmony.