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root canal disinfection using two types of laser systems

18th October2018 09:00 AM - 09:30 AM
HALL abdeen


The purpose of root canal therapy is its disinfection and sealing to prevent recurrent infections. Presence or absence of microorganisms in root canals during obturation is the main factor, influencing the outcome of endodontic treatment.

Chemo-mechanical methods of canal preparation are not able to eradicate bacteria from root canals and dentinal tubules. Approximately 40-60% of microorganisms can survive through chemo-mechanical preparation, which even includes antimicrobial irrigation.

Use of LASER in endodontic treatment has greatly enhanced success rate of treatment and the reason may be due to the LASER's ability to penetrate to deeper dentinal layers. LASER can be transported into canals using fiber optics such as diode LASERs or with hollow tubes such as Er-YAG LASERs. These different delivery methods can change the potency of similar LASERs in canals' sterilization.