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resin composite, to bulk or not to bulk, is this the question?

18th October2018 05:20 PM - 05:40 PM
HALL montazah


Since introduction of resin composite in the early 1960’s it was considered a technique sensitive direct restoration.  The gold standard for resin composite application throughout years was incremental layering technique.  This was applied to control polymerization shrinkage stresses and ensure proper light curing of the restorative material. Researchers and manufacturers worked hard to provide clinicians with more time saving, easy to manipulate bulk fill resin composite materials without compromising its inherent quality and clinical durability. Lately, different approaches were utilized and produced various commercially available bulk fill resin composite restorative materials.  Different consideration in bulk fill resin materials should be raised as proper light curing, shrinkage stresses in addition to mechanical and physical properties.  Manufacturers’ claims with proper clinical application techniques augmented with the latest scientific evidence will be critically reviewed. By the end of this lecture solid scientific and clinical evidence for most of the commercially available bulk fill composites with will be clarified.