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computer guided oral and maxillofacial surgery

18th October2018 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
HALL montazah


Over the past 20 years, surgeons have adopted computer-aided surgical techniques to assist and guide complex surgical repairs. Computer-aided  maxillofacial surgery can be divided into two main categories: computer-aided presurgical planning and image-guided navigational surgery. Presurgical planning software allows the surgeon to import two-dimensional computed tomography (CT) data and generate a precise three-dimensional virtual representation of the skull. The proposed surgical repair can then be performed in a virtual environment prior to the actual procedure. The increasing application of computer-aided design and manufacturing techniques have simplified these challenging procedures. In this session;We will discuss current advances in  oral and maxillofacial surgery, Three-dimensional imaging, stereolithographic models, and the use of custom-made implants that could aid and improve the accuracy of existing reconstructive methods.