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mishaps in adhesive restorations: what notto do?

18th October2018 02:00 PM - 02:30 PM
HALL hambra


The key to the long-term stability of ceramic restorations lies in the ability to effectively utilize the properties of restorative materials and supporting structures. Recently, minimally invasive all ceramic prosthetic strategies have become increasingly feasible, due to the introduction of recent high-strength restorative materials featuring properties similar to those of natural teeth. With the availability of recent materials, adhesive techniques and the processing technologies like CAD/CAM and heat pressing, dental professionals are now able to offer patients highly esthetic, conservative, high-strength restorations that not only blend esthetically with the natural dentition, but also can withstand occlusal forces.
Despite these substantial improvements in all ceramics systems, there is still an unacceptable degree of failure of these materials in service. Failures of adhesive all ceramic restorations may arise due to improper treatment planning, defects in fabrication methods, poor adhesion protocols, impact failure from opposing teeth or high localized stresses, and esthetic failures.
Dentists should be able to avoid the occurrence of such failures, recognize their causes and manage the different possible scenarios if happened. The main idea is to properly diagnose your case, know your indications and watch out for the contraindications, carefully select your preparation design and restorative material and finally conserve sound tooth structure as much as possible.