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an endodontist / implantologist partnership for success

17th October2018 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM
HALL abdeen


Abstract :

Endodontics and Implantology are two of the main fundamental specialties in dentistry where the prospective prosthesis rest upon, and they determine the success rate of that prosthetic.

Recently Endodontic therapy and dental implants were viewed as two competitive specialities where practitioners from each side try vigorously to show their superior importance compared to the other. However the aim of this presentation is to show that both specialities complement each other rather than the opposite. Novel endodontic retreatment methods using the dental operating microscope along with advanced microinstruments, new materials and guided by the CBCT render unoperable challenging obstacles facing endodontists into treatable cases with higher prognostic levels. However should a root be rendered as unrestorable, then contemporary oral implantology should be able to offer intelligent implantation & loading protocols.

Utilizing the latest technologies in the form of digital planning , navigated implant placement as well as contemporary protocols like the “One Abutment One Time” concept to offer those patients optimized workflow and minimal invasive solutions.