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lip repositioning between science and fiction

17th October2018 02:40 PM - 03:00 PM
HALL montazah



The smile plays a big role in esthetics, and with patients increasingly conscious of esthetics, smile design requires a multidisciplinary approach. Excess gingival display results in an unesthetic smile, that is commonly left untreated. Lip repositioning is a conservative surgical technique designed to treat excess gingival display. A number of case reports and case series have reported the success of the technique. Over time, several modifications have been introduced to this technique and among the variations introduced,is muscle severance. Previous work has shown promising results, but with no comparative studies to-date there is little standardization for clinicians to make informed decisions when choosing this technique for the treatment of their patients.

Our aim is to present the current knowledge of lip repositioning  including the diagnosis, classification, treatment approaches , techniques and expected outcomes all linked to an evidence based approach based on RCT and recently published systematic reviews.