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literature on assessment of dental students performance

17th October2018 02:20 PM - 02:40 PM
HALL montazah


Assessment represents a critical component of successful education in the skills, knowledge, affective processes, and professional values that define the competent practice of dentistry.  the goal of assessment in health professions education is to determine students’ capacity to integrate and implement the various domains of learning that collectively define competent practice, over an extended period of time, with day-to-day consistency, in a work environment that approximates the actual work setting where health care providers interact with patients. Competency-based dental education (CBDE) is an approach to the design of educational systems or curricula that focuses on graduate abilities or competencies. Assessment in a CBDE context is often based on observations or judgments about an individual’s level of expertise; it emphasizes frequent, direct observation of performance along with constructive and timely feedback to ensure that learners, including clinicians, have the expertise they need to perform entrusted tasks.