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hybrid ceramic a closer look on applications and limitations.

17th October2018 03:30 PM - 04:00 PM
HALL abdeen



The success of any fixed prosthetic restoration depends on multifactorial factors. Case selection, material, technique of fabrication, shade selection, and cementation. With the improvement in dental material, digital dentistry,  recent advances in bonding system and different additive introduced to the dental market;  the success rate of the fixed restorations increased and allowed the dentist to change the way of thinking in their treatment plane shifting them to am a more conservative approach.

This presentation will provide the attendee with a broad view of the field then concentrate on the essentials of restorative dentistry using fixed prostheses. It also involves the interrelationships between basic sciences and the clinical disciplines of fixed prosthodontics. It will discuss the scientific background by an introduction to different research done by presenter and his co-authors to help understanding well the clinical appliactions.

The aim of the presentation will be directed to simplify the needed skills and knowledge to treat different cases with more recent approaches to overcome the problems which was comely faced in most dental clinics.