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endodontic futurism: making the impossible possible

17th October2018 09:00 AM - 10:30 AM
HALL hambra


Over the past decades we have gone from pulp mumification to root canal disinfection & sealing , from hand files to motor-driven files, from culturing to one-visit appointments, from two-dimensional to three-dimensional radiography, and from pulp removal to pulpal regeneration. And still, the clinical and academic controversies are prevalent.

So, where will the future of our specialty take us? Clearly, it is evident that our endodontic future lies in "out of the box" thinking with the next generation of transformations coming with collaborations not just from within the biological sciences, but rather in conjunction with physics, chemistry, engineering, and a multitude of other great innovative minds. The predictability of endodontics must be incontestable, not just with better technology to guide us toward greater success.