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debate of different vertical ridge augmentation techniques for esthetic zone

17th October2018 04:10 PM - 04:50 PM
HALL montazah


Rehabilitation of anterior atrophic alveolar ridge is one of the challenging clinical scenarios in implant dentistry due to high esthetic demand, uneven bone morphology that impair blood clot, graft stability and primary soft tissue closure.  Although minimally invasive approaches namely short implant have been used in challenging clinical conditions their prosthetic long term results remain to be determined. Different bone regeneration techniques are used for deficient alveolar ridges reconstruction such as onlay block grafts, autogenous bone rings, autogenous particulate grafts, distraction osteogenesis and porous titanium or a combination of the previous techniques. It is still a matter of debate regarding systematically appraise the effectiveness/reliability of different techniques regarding the amount of augmentation, implant survival, success rates in the area of newly regenerated bone and complication. The purpose of this presentation is to spot the light on this research gap and do a decision tree of the different available options of vertical ridge augmentation with referral to literature. In addition, we will present our result case series of autogenous bone rings with simultaneous or staged implant placement, autogenous bone block and particulate bone graft with titanium mesh with clinical and radiographic assessment with cone beam CT. The topic core will include clinical case presentation, videos of the cases and statistical analysis.