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a novel clinical approach of diode laser in gingival contouring

19th October2018 05:40 PM - 06:00 PM
HALL abdeen


Gingival contouring is a common procedure to be done by diode laser. Carbonization which is tissue burning could occur, due to wrong laser parameters and handling technique.Procedure could fail esthetically and relapse, if the gingival clinical parameters and biological aspects were neglected.Following a certain protocol, diode laser gingival contouring could be esthetically and biologically successful procedure. Gingival esthetical clinical parameters include gingival zenith levels (GZL), gingival zenith positions (GZP), gingival line angle (GLA), lateral incisors gingival zenithdistance from the gingival line (LID)and symmetry.


In multiple clinical cases, clinical photographsweretakento analyze the gingival esthetical clinical parameters. Cone beam computed tomography(CBCT) and careful clinical examination were done to assess the biological aspect. Diode laser 980nm was utilizedto adjust the gingival contoursby a certain laser parameters, tip direction, tip motion type and other clinical tips according to tissue type. Tri-angled Visual and photographic evaluations of the result were done immediately after the procedure and on 1 week, 1 month and 3 months recall basis.


The gingival clinical parameters adjusted precisely and easily due to the bloodless field without carbonization.The healing process took almost one week to complete. The achieved contouring result found to be stable without relapse upon 1 and 3 months recalls.


Diode laser (980 nm) is an indispensableand precise tool for gingival contouring procedure.