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erbium lasers and restorative dentistry. the perfect couple

19th October2018 05:20 PM - 05:40 PM
HALL abdeen


Since LASER had been introduced in Dentistry, and it had made a revolution in the management and treatment in almost all branches of the dental field. Regarding their impact on Restorative Dentistry, it had a real transformation, as using Erbium LASERs had solved a lot of problems we had faced before with the conventional treatment modalities.
A. The objectives of the investigation:
This presentation will reveal :
Types of Erbium LASERs used in Dentistry.
The principle of Erbium LASER action & How do they work.
The difference between each type.
The different applications of Erbium LASERs in Restorative Dentistry.
Advantages of Erbium LASERs over conventional treatment modalities.
Erbium LASER safety.
B. Materials and methods:
This presentation is going to highlight using of both types of Erbium LASERs “Erbium YAG & Erbium Chromium YSSG” as a revolutionary painless tool in the field of restorative dentistry in different clinical cases in various stages by showing clinical cases photos & videos.
C. Results:
Showing the effective results of using ERBIUM LASERs in increasing quality and decreasing time of treatment sessions in different Restorative dental procedures.
D. Conclusion:
Proving that LASER is not just an extra fancy device in the clinic But it is a real shift in the field of dental practice.