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  3. cranio-maxillofacial trauma: current concepts and management principles

cranio-maxillofacial trauma: current concepts and management principles

19th October2018 03:30 PM - 04:00 PM
HALL montazah



Traumatic cranio-maxillofacial injuries often present as difficult reconstructive challenges for oral & maxillofacial surgeons. In cases of severe facial trauma, restoration of the normal facial width, facial height, and sagittal projection may not be easily achieved. Furthermore, marked swelling accompanying facial trauma may limit the surgeon’s ability to palpate and recognize subtle bony defects and malalignment.
Given the broad variety of facial injuries and potential concomitant complications, management can be challenging even for the most experienced clinicians.
In this article we will review the new insights into the biologic basis and principles for the management of facial trauma, apply these concepts to treatment planning and surgical execution in the complex cranio-maxillofacial trauma patients, and illustrate these principles with specific case examples.
We will present clinical cases demonstrating the proper approach for surgical management of maxillofacial trauma patients present to our clinics with special attention to the use of 3D guided surgery, preoperative computerized virtual planning and stereolitographic models application.