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back to the future; 3d bioprinting

19th October2018 02:30 PM - 02:50 PM
HALL abdeen


Recent advances in tissue engineering have introduced hopes for innovative alternative treatment for human tissues or organs failure, based on regeneration strategies. Conventional techniques for manufacturing three-dimensional (3D) scaffolds, such as electrospinning, fiber deposition, freeze-drying, is considered a limiting factor due to lack precise control of internal structures and pore size. Therefore, advanced techniques for the precise fabrication of multifunctional scaffolds are required.

Additive manufacturing, or three-dimensional (3D) printing, enabled major innovations in many areas, such as engineering, manufacturing, art and medicine. Future starts by 3D printing of biocompatible materials, cells and supporting components into complex 3D functional living tissues. 3D bioprinting is being applied to regenerative medicine to address customized tissues and organs for transplantation and drug testing.