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facial incisions …a learning curve.

19th October2018 10:30 AM - 10:50 AM
HALL abdeen


Access to the maxillofacial region is associated with extra oral incisions. Extra oral incisions follow fixed principles. The selection of the incision is related to different criteria however; surgical training still dictates the standards of care in different centers. This presentation aims to present a change in concepts regarding some of the most commonly utilized facial incision. Two groups of patients with maxillofacial deformities will be the main focus of the presentation. The first group will be a group of zygomatico- maxillary trauma patients. The second group will be that of tumor patients who underwent resection for either maxillary or mandibular lesions  received . The main focus in assessing the results will be the postoperative cosmetics as well as the accessibility offered by the selected approach.