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surgery first approach

19th October2018 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM
HALL montazah


The general formula in traditional orthognathic treatment has consisted of a variable length of preoperative orthodontic preparation, surgery itself, and a relatively constant period of postoperative orthodontics. Recently, orthognathic surgery without presurgical orthodontic treatment (the surgery-first approach [SFA]) has been favored and performed with good clinical outcomes from a precise orthodontic and surgical treatment planning. The advantages of this surgical approach include a total treatment time reduction and psychological benefit from a limited duration of unesthetic orthodontic appliances.  Also, more effective postoperative orthodontic movement of the dentition can be achieved through a regional acceleratory phenomenon (RAP).

Under most circumstances, patients being treated with surgery-first accelerated surgical orthodontics require less time in orthodontic treatment than those undergoing the conventional approach. This could be because:

1) The dental decompensation in the surgery first approach is resolved partly by surgery so that the complexity of orthodontic treatment is lesser .

2) The phenomenon of postoperatively accelerated orthodontic tooth movement shortens the treatment period.