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  3. the impact of occlusal trauma on peridontium: a question & its answer

the impact of occlusal trauma on peridontium: a question & its answer

19th October2018 09:00 AM - 09:30 AM
HALL abdeen


On reviewing the literature, dental professionals have debated whether or not trauma from occlusion is associated with periodontal disease. Both Occlusal Trauma (OT) and periodontitis result in injury to the attachment  apparatus  because  the  periodontium  is  unable  to  cope  with  pathological  insults. The  effects  of  excessive  occlusal  force  and  the  destructive,  adaptive  and  reparative responses  of  the  periodontium has  been  complicated  by  a  relative  lack  of  evidence  based  on  well  controlled prospective  studies  in  human  beings. Today, the treatment of OT becomes a clear goal of periodontal therapy to maintain the periodontium in comfort and function. Moreover, the combined orthodontic regenerative therapy can greatly enhance the periodontal conditions. In this regard, the current trial discussed the effectiveness of 940-nm low-level diode laser with the combined orthodontic/regenerative therapy in periodontally affected subjects suffering from malocclusion. Within the limits of this study, significant improvements in clinical and radiographic parameters were recorded by the adjunctive use of low level diode laser with orthodontic/regenerative therapy compared with the sole application of the orthodontic/regenerative approach.