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the d-bibre; cl ii treatment made simple

19th October2018 09:40 AM - 10:20 AM
HALL montazah


Cl II malocclusion is one of the mostly encountered problems in orthodontic practice. It amounts to 15-30% in different populations.  Treatment of Cl II mandibular deficiency is performed by either removable or fixed functional appliances.  Removable functional appliances are notorious for lack of  patient compliance due to their bulkiness and interference with speech.  Fixed functional appliances on the other hand are expensive, may cause cheek irritation and have a high incidence of breakage. 

This lecture will introduce an innovative simple method for Cl II treatment that avoids the disadvantages previously mentioned.  The appliance used “D-BIBRE” is unobtrusive, doesn’t interfere with speech, doesn’t irritate the cheeks and is easily accepted by patients.  Cases treated by the D-BIBRE will be presented and method of appliance fabrication will be described.