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laser facilitated orthodontics

19th October2018 09:40 AM - 10:00 AM
HALL hambra



The present era of modern dentistry revolves around utilizing technology and using techniques that are able to address the challenges faced on daily basis. Future of patient’s satisfaction practice, including pain reduction, faster treatment procedures and better results in orthodontics practice can be achieved, to the one that understands the fundamentals’ for use of LASER in the field of Orthodontics. The unique characteristics of LASERs make it possible to perform treatment modalities beyond those available via conventional techniques. LASER gained its place in solving a variety of problems relating to orthodontic treatment ranging from brackets debonding and enamel surface etching to mucogingival surgery. LASERs with different wavelengths can manage both hard and soft tissue problems. Moreover, low level LASERs were reported to be beneficial in pain control in accelerating the rate of tooth movement. This presentation will present some of the possible uses of LASER technology in the various branches of orthodontics.