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IDC2018 in it's third appearance offers a new episode of it's annual massive trade exhibition, providing a remarkable opportunity for the gathering of dental industrialists, companies and trade exhibitors with dental practitioners and specialists in a professional and friendly atmosphere, accomplishing the establishment of an integrated platform of dental care.Dental exhibitors will offer a live presentation of their products displaying a wide range of dental instruments from simple hand instruments to the most recent and sophisticated equipment and technologies. Whether you are shopping for your dental school, planning for your clinic or intending to upgrade your lab equipment, IDC2018 represents a perfect occasion for the observation, inspection and purchasing of the latest dental trends and high-tech equipment all through it's must-attend exhibition.



  • Entry is Free.
  • Date: 16 - 19 October 2018.
  • Opening and Closing Hours: From 9:00 a.m. till 7:00 p.m.
  • Venue (Location): El Saraya Hall (level -4)


Exhibitors NAME
Exhibit Categories

MH Group co.


We are importers, exporters and distributors of Medical and dental supply in the Egyptian market for many Trade mark companies from all over the world. We are able to make any products at the top of the Egyptian market, and spread them, with our active and specialized sales representatives. Our brand name has a history of over 29 years and is a result of many factors including the powerful experience of our management and employees in the field of biomedical equipment. M H Group Egypt personnel have extensive experience in sales, installation and maintenance of Medical, dental, scientific and laboratory equipment. Our services to the market include many aspects of before and after sales. Our consultants help you in planning your clinic, center, or hospital to achieve the best advantage of your place. We can help you also during sales by making attractive promotions in addition to comfortable payment terms. The service after sales accomplished by our highly-skilled salesmen,who have been trained in the respective mother companies to serve you in a professional way. Our mission is to serve our customers and satisfy their needs. Our vision is to enhance and raise the diagnostics and treatments in dental clinics all over Egypt. We provide the state of the art technology and the state of the art services.

Omikron Technologies


Omikron technologies is a specialized company for dental laser equipments designed for cutting edge laser applications. Our solutions provide you with the technology that takes your clinic to the future. We are committed to providing you with the latest technologies available in all aspects of dental care & highest quality of services at affordable prices. Omikron technologies offers comprehensive trainings designed for professional dentistry doctors who wish to further develop their technical laser skills, improve the level of treatment and enhance their professional and economics opportunities.

Pura Care

For more info visit https://www.coltene.com For orders call us at 010000 62 909 Our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/PuraCare/

3D Vision

3d Vision Imaging provides top notch total digital Maxillofacial imaging to dentists and their patients including CBCT, panorama and cephalometric radiography. Also 3D printing, guided surgery, smile design and other services through a friendly and highly qualified team. With branches in Heliopolis, Alexandria and soon other locations in Cairo. Facebook Page: https://m.facebook.com/3dvisionimaging/

Dentium Egypt

implant requirements

A Global Leader in dental implant Dentium founded in Korea in 2000 , Dentium has grown to become the trusted related services for dental professionals in the United States and worldwide. #Dentium is distinguished by a dedicated research and development center that has partnered with leading clinicians. #Dentium #A_Name_You_Can_Trust .

Schuetz Egypt


Studental World

https://www.studentalworld.com https://www.facebook.com/studentalworld/

Star Group for Import & Export

Facebook: Star Group - import & export

Dentixx for Dental Equipment

Techical Support Manager