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We are importers, exporters and distributors of Medical and dental supply in the Egyptian market for many Trade mark companies from all over the world. We are able to make any products at the top of the Egyptian market, and spread them, with our active and specialized sales representatives. Our brand name has a history of over 29 years and is a result of many factors including the powerful experience of our management and employees in the field of biomedical equipment. M H Group Egypt personnel have extensive experience in sales, installation and maintenance of Medical, dental, scientific and laboratory equipment. Our services to the market include many aspects of before and after sales. Our consultants help you in planning your clinic, center, or hospital to achieve the best advantage of your place. We can help you also during sales by making attractive promotions in addition to comfortable payment terms. The service after sales accomplished by our highly-skilled salesmen,who have been trained in the respective mother companies to serve you in a professional way. Our mission is to serve our customers and satisfy their needs. Our vision is to enhance and raise the diagnostics and treatments in dental clinics all over Egypt. We provide the state of the art technology and the state of the art services.